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Enthusiastic Professional Organizational Help By The Hour To

Declutter, Organize & Design Your Living Space !


- Just one closet

- A full room

- Your entire home

- Even your garage/attic/storage unit

- Take items to consign, donation, or dump

- Energy clearing of your space


- To the level that fits your need/desire

- Find & purchase containers & systems needed throughout

- Have a place for everything

- Put everything in its place

- Office/paperwork/filing organization

- Set up password security app

on your devices


- Use/rearrange current living space

- Change room purposes

- Redesign a single room

- Redesign your entire home

- Design outdoor living space

- Research & shop for design items

- Find & work directly with handymen & contractors

Moves In/Out

Organize & Manage...

- Local moves within Marin

- Moves to or from Marin County on one or both ends

- Manage & work directly with Professional...

moving company, cleaners, handymen & contractors, realtors, stagers,

delivery & service providers 

Allow me to improve your emotional space by improving your living space!

Warning: Once decluttering/organizing begins... you may become motivated!

My clients projects often begin with the idea of simply organizing a kitchen or a closet...

and end up with their entire home organized! :)

Julie Kubasta


[email protected]

Professionally Organizing Homes In Marin County Since 2010

and intuitively organizing homes my entire life! ;)